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Created: July 04, 2020

Members: 3136

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This is the server for the Shell Shockers Wiki. Blue Wizard Digital (the company that created Shell Shockers) has partnered with us and made us their official wiki! Discord for us is our place to chat with other wiki editor’s easily but also to chat with the overall community. This server is not just for the wiki but for the Shell Shockers community in general.

In this server you will find bunch of channels, some for the wiki and some for everyone. The wiki channels are a place for all wiki editors there is a channel for all wiki editors to chat, a channel where you can post updates you made to the wiki, multiple channels helping you to edit on the wiki and finally a channel that shows all the recent edits that have happened in our wiki. Our main channels consist of a general chat where you can talk about whatever you want, a channel helping new member with any help they need, a channel for bot commands, and more channels for you help. We have weekly giveaways and events for item codes, these codes will unlock new items for in you Shell Shockers. Overall a great server for anyone who plays Shell Shockers.

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