Shiny Hunters Anonymous

SHA is an inclusive Pokémon based community server where technology and partnership are combined! Come on in!

Shiny Hunters Anonymous

Created: December 26, 2019

Members: 41837

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SHA is all about one thing, making hunting Pokemon both Shiny and not easy and accessible to the community. We are an open, inclusive space with a vibrant ecosystem built by friendly caring people. Our server staff strive to keep the channels distinct, concise, and welcoming.

SHA has a lively technological side as well. Our tech can help make your Pokemon dreams come true by making your journeys through Galar, Sinnoh, or beyond easy and effortless. Check out our Pokemarts for items to help you on your journey! Looking for Shinies? Our shiny raids and permute bots can make the difference in getting the team of your dreams!

Our community is a thriving environment where people can feel secure in just simply playing games. We support Pokemon mainline series, Pokemon Go, Pokemon TCG, Pokemon Unite, Animal Crossing, Monster Hunter, Mario Kart, and more! As the community develops, SHA will as well.

Our main focus is to make playing Pokemon easy for you. Join today and let us help you.

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