SIPSIPSQUAD Discord is a place for those who love Stefen's content that focuses on Genshin and a variety of games!


Created: March 26, 2019

Members: 66677

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The sipsipsquad is a place where all those who love Genshin Impact, Genshin Leaks and Stefen’s content come together to enjoy it! Ton’s of discussions going on and ton’s of content to enjoy right when you get into the discord!
The server is supported by a team of over 50 people who create content for Genshin, provide constant updates on news and up and coming characters and hold events with even the chance to win primogems!
The server hosts a multitude of discussion areas to chat about the game, IRL, or other gaming and tech related topics, so you always have a place to come and chill within.
The server is backed by SipSipStefen, a content creator partnered on both Youtube and Twitch, with a massive Genshin following on TikTok

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