[SkRt] Clan – The Final Revive

The official Skrt clan server made by the biggest Zombsroyale youtubers called Yoshiclapz and Cooly.

[SkRt] Clan - The Final Revive

Created: February 22, 2022

Members: 2045

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This server is all about hanging out with other people who have the same interests as you (zombs royale)! We love to have fun, chill out, game, and just hang. Join up if you are looking for someone to duo with on the regular, or join a competitive and popular clan in the zombs royale community! Most of all, join up to talk to famous youtubers Cooly and Yoshiclapz!

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  1. i dont need to say anything cuz im lazy and amzing jk i might kjijjn n nm nm there you got something you happy?

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