Solana Hills

The top fashion brand in web3.

Solana Hills

Created: December 28, 2021

Members: 7833

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Our collection boasts 5 different animals inspired by the lore from several of Solana’s OG projects. We have Apes, Penguins, Monkes, Dragonz and Birdz. We like to call ourselves Residents of the hill (of Solana). Sometimes we like the name Rocker too, because #WeRockTheTop (of Solana).

We are here to build the next global fashion brand :elite: , and our holders will be right at the centre of it all. Whether you’re an artist, NFT degen, builder, fashion enthusiast, or killer-content creator that can make us laugh and learn, we want you to be here with us.

Our utility token is $SKULLY. The current supply is 150 million and constantly getting burned as it is being spent on our utilities.

Everyone can be a Brand Ambassador. For starters, complete our brand quests from ⁠ │quests-alerts to earn XP that can then be claimed as $SKULLY from our app ( Alternatively, read ⁠ │brand-ambassador-info for a full walkthrough of how to get started.

All our NFT holders will earn Loyalty Points for holding their NFTs passively in their wallets. Earn up to 420 points per week for each NFT held which can be claimed into $SKULLY from the app (

$SKULLY earned can be used to get entries to giveaways, purchase coupons for our apparel and are also tradable on FFF Token Market (team does not provide liquidity).

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