The sun over our heads, the clouds under our capes, SORA is a Sky:COTL-based server here to help you along your journey!


Created: May 28, 2020

Members: 5540

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SuD83DuDD06RA is an all-age server committed to creating a Sky: Children of the Light inspired space for moths, amateur players and veterans! You may find in our server:n- chat channels to make friendsn- channels to share your Sky: COTL creations and photographyn- exciting events on discord and in the game itselfn- our snazzy server-exclusive emojis created by artists of our communityn- designated channels to trade for items like art, hearts, SP and moren- cozy voice channels that host games, movies, streams and talking sessionsn- in-game groups such as our note hunters and OOBersn- our fun social media pages to stay up to date with SORAn- extensive guide channels to assist you throughout the game!n- a welcoming staff crew ready to helpnand more!nnSky and all its seven realms brought us together, and we journey through the magic hand in hand. Join us today!

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