This server is for people who want to chill, game, listen to music and be updated with the latest SoundHub content


Created: November 13, 2019

Members: 6029

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Join our discord to share your music or even discuss about music. Looking for artists, producers, graphic designer’s, sound engineers, streamers, gamers and listeners that would be interested in joining our discord to share their talents. Our discord is also a hub to network and to work with others as well. If you’re interested, feel free to join!!

Things We Do In The Server:
-Music Contests
-Stream our members music on twitch
– Soundhub playlist

Things You Can Do:
-Get Feedback
-Promote your social medias ️
-Sell your work
-Promote your music
-Promote your art
-Network with others
-Game and socialize with new people

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