Splatoon Community ①➋⓷

We are a not too active but also not dead Splatoon Server for all Splatoon games. Perfect to make friends!

Splatoon Community ①➋⓷

Created: July 19, 2020

Members: 2021

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We are a friendly, not too active but also not dead community for Splatoon 1, 2 later also Splatoon 3. Here is what makes us special:nnuD83CuDF1FOrganise Customfests once a monthnuD83CuDF1FGood organised Server without everyone or here pingsnuD83CuDF1F GiveawaysnuD83CuDF1F Partner Server and advertising channelnuD83CuDF1FThe 2 famous Inkopolis Lobby memes Nick27 and Sabine are on our Server.nuD83CuDF1F Splatoon 3 ideas and opinions channelnuD83CuDF1F Gear trading channelnuD83CuDF1FCompetitive advice giver rolenuD83CuDF1FChannel for different languagesnuD83CuDF1F Special permission and roles for boosternuD83CuDF1FOur Server has 200 cute emojis and also cool animated emojis + stickersnuD83CuDF1FNice self roles and requestable rolesnuD83CuDF1F Supportive Community without toxic peoplenuD83CuDF1F Splatubers upload notification channelnnThe Server was created on the 19th of July 2020nnPlease join, you are welcome and have fun 🙂

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