Swifties ♡

A Taylor Swift based server! Come join us and have a great time ♡

Swifties ♡

Created: January 30, 2021

Members: 3270

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Swifties is a server based on multi grammy winner Taylor Swift and her fans. Starting in early 2021 we have surpassed 2500 amazing members, and continue to grow today. We promise you an amazing staff team, with even better server members to make the swiftie experience the best for you!

On a daily we host 3 server activities, qotd, eat or skip, and wear or tear, we also host a monthly challenge for you to complete one part of it everyday. In addition to things done daily, a mod will write a positivity message daily, to cheer you up and/or motivate you ♡.

So…loves a game, wanna play? if yes, join us today ♡

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