The Fluffy Boy Gang

Welcome to the Fluffy Boy Gang, home of all things Ralsei and a positive and welcoming community for all!

The Fluffy Boy Gang

Created: November 02, 2018

Members: 1497

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The Fluffy Boy Gang is a thriving but small community of likeminded individuals dedicated to the fluffy boy known as Ralsei. While this is the general theme of the server, our biggest goal is creating and nurturing a welcoming environment to share interests, make friends and be around likeminded individuals. Having been around 4 years strong, we’re a very close knit group with plenty of great people to get to know! Whether you prefer posting art, exchanging memes, or joining conversation, our server is easy to navigate, easy to become familiar with, and easy to jump right in! Drop by and visit and see if The Fluffy Boy Gang is a community you want to be a part of!

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