The Furry Assembly

Welcome to The Furry Assembly! We're a growing, friendly furry community that is open to all!

The Furry Assembly

Created: May 07, 2020

Members: 24829

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Welcome to The Furry Assembly!

We pride ourselves on putting our members first, & offering the friendliest furry community! We strive to deliver the best experience possible, for anyone & everyone! There’s something for everyone, & here are some things we have to offer:

☆ 100% SFW community!
☆ Welcoming & friendly members, experienced staff!
☆ A multitude of giveaways & events!
☆ 500 cute emojis + 60 stickers!
☆ Unique theme: futuristic royalty!
☆ Dedicated artist category!
☆ Active voice channels!

… and so much more! Come join us on our journey as you explore our kingdom, make new friends, and have an amazing time!

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