The Kabloom Squad

We are mainly PvZ Heroes based. Get help with deckbuilding. Share card ideas & highlights. Friendly PvP/Tournaments.

The Kabloom Squad

Created: February 20, 2021

Members: 2539

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The main topic on this server is Plants vs. Zombies: Heroes. You can participate in Tournaments in a variety of formats that are fun and competitive. With the assistance of deckbuilding experts, you can construct a better deck and increase your chances of winning. Both a database of good decks and a database of RNG and fun decks are available. You could also get a lot of advice from professionals to improve in PvZ Heroes. Step-by-step guidance on how to quickly and efficiently obtain all cards are also available. Buying tips for packs. You can play 1v1 against other players for training, testing, or for fun. There’s a channel dedicated for card ideas where you can post your ideas and seek advice from professionals on how to make or improve them. There is plenty of card idea Emojis are provided here to help you format your ideas in a nice, lovely, and presentable form. There is also

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