The Lighthouse

The Lighthouse is a gaming community focused on friendship & mastering games. Home of the Destiny 2 clan The Fundament.

The Lighthouse

Created: August 02, 2019

Members: 2581

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Hello and welcome to The Lighthouse gaming community discord!

If you’re looking to make friends and take on the toughest challenges video games have to offer, then this is the place for you. In this server, you’ll discover an emphasis on creating a welcoming space and opportunities for individuals to team up for a variety of games.

The Lighthouse is also home to The Fundament, a Destiny 2 clan composed of dedicated Guardians that demonstrate game mastery, and focus on continuing to develop the best collective of gamers. In addition to Destiny 2, you can also find categories dedicated to Halo, Sea of Thieves & New World, and we are always excited for the next big game on the horizon.

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