The Night Court

A genuine community dedicated to artists and art lovers of all kinds, of all ages, and from all places.

The Night Court

Created: August 25, 2020

Members: 1932

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Looking for a server filled with actual kind, talented, and active members? A place where you can build genuine relationships and feel comfortable? This is it.

⤿ More about us:
We are a server for artists and art lovers of all kinds.
Come be a part of a true community.

● Literature
● Art
● Photography
● Music

⤿ 13+ and we cater to all age ranges. We have people from 13-40 years old.
⤿ Universal time zone. Members are from everywhere!
⤿ Completely toxic-free.
⤿ Approachable, and fully active staff.
⤿ Monthly challenges/contests.

Regular Voice Events:
⤿ Spoken Poetry
⤿ Podcast Nights
⤿ Casual Gaming Nights.
⤿ Karaoke Nights
⤿ Art-related Activities.

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