The Score – Official Army

The Official Server for The Score. If you like The Score's music this is the server for you. Meet & share with the fans.

The Score - Official Army

Created: February 10, 2021

Members: 1594

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Sure, here is the revised text:

This server was created by a fan of The Score with the idea of providing a platform for fans to chat, share work, play games, and more.

A few months later, the server had grown to such a size that even The Score members Eddie and Edan joined! This made the server more than just another social media platform for fans, but an official and the largest Discord server for The Score fans.

We have so much to offer you here:
* Chat with fans and The Score members from time to time.
* Sing, play, and participate in our events and games.
* Share your pictures and videos from tour.
* If you run a fan page on social media, you can share your posts in our server.
* If you are an artist who creates art, covers, remixes, or mashups, you can share your work in our server.
* Chat with other fans from your region in your own language.

We hope you join us and become a part of our growing community!

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