The X Movement

The X Movement by tx2official — A safe space for music lovers to build friendships and spread Mental Health awareness!

The X Movement

Created: June 13, 2021

Members: 9276

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TX2 created this community to share career updates as a musician and content creator, show appreciation of supporters by interacting with as many members as possible, encourage friendship/relationship building between members, and spread awareness for mental health by creating a judgment-free safe space for anyone in need of one.

This server is strictly moderated by a team approved by TX2 to handle day-to-day activity.

Members must be at least 13 years old per Discord’s terms of service.

Rules are put in place to ensure safety for all members – it is important to read and follow all rules.

Career and content updates may be posted by TX2 and/or Moderators.

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6 thoughts on “The X Movement”

  1. I’m leaving this server due to it being very similar to the way North Korea runs things. You make a mod uncomfortable in here the punish you with no explanation instead of communicating that you made them uncomfortable. They have pointless suggestion channels because nearly every suggestion has been declined, plus the community can’t decide if that’s the environment they want, everything is based on the mod teams ideology of how the server should be and I suspect they don’t want the community to have any say in it. The mods enforce harmless shit that’s not even in the rules and I’m sick of the tyranny. It took me dming 3 mods and the owner to get an explanation as to why all of the message I sent in a 3 minute period got deleted and I got muted for them. Moral of the story big community servers suck. The owner barely does anything with the server other than txtuesdays as well, they never pop in chat and say hi, and as someone who does music, they have plenty of time when they’re off tour to pop in and say hi every once in a while considering im able to make full conversations for at least 2 hours a day, along with school and work.
    I’ll consider rejoining once the mods learn what communication is and learn what “community” means. It’s not supposed to just be how the mods want the server, it’s about the normal members too.

    1. Yeah i got banned for pointing out that the mod as committing a logical fallacy and i dont have anyway to fight it

  2. This server isn’t the best, for me it was deemed unsafe from my prospective.
    If your from Canada you will be labeled as Northern american, or get harassed for being Canadian or from Canada and they allow that behaviour even if the mods don’t want to call them Canadian than northern American.
    Even if you get harassed, some of the mods let it go over their head like it’s nothing, to instead of dming of what’s the problem, they would rather ignore or publicly say you will be banned/removed for no reason.
    It’s based on ideology, not safety of others.
    This server also makes me uncomfortable!

  3. I got banned after getting into an argument with a mod where i tried to explain a logical fallacy he was arguing
    he said i was homophobic despite me being Bisexual myself and being “anti easter religion” im atheist but generally agree more with buddhism then any other relegion and even have a tattoo of the yin yang
    he didn’t give any warning and i can’t make an alt account to appeal the ban
    i really liked it but the mods clearly aren’t mature enough to handle their job

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