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Tiktok Video

Created: December 02, 2021

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TikTok Video is a amazing community to chill and hang out. Everyone is welcome here.
We all love tiktoks and can share them here.
We offer many giveaways and events where you can win many nice prizes like Discord Nitro, Gift cards, TikTok stuff and more!
TikTok Video is not an affiliate of TikTok Inc, we are a community that is in association with TikTok.

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2 thoughts on “Tiktok Video”

  1. Hi this kinslee I want TikTok in my iPad SCHOOL because is boring in my iPad SCHOOL please can i

  2. This a awful Inc discord server, i hated everyone whos in there and nobody liked me, i was trynna defend myself but these people are like wolfs who eat people apart, i never wanted to be flamed hard. I got humbled so hard that i had to cut it off. There was never empathy to start with anyways. I fucking hate everyone lives and they lie about being rich and having nice cute little things like money, cars. I fucking don’t care. I hope they shut off and die for what is coming up next, never been so disappointed in my whole 16 years of my life. Get away from me tiktok zone, this my turn to speak and i wanna express my emotions and thoughs. I’m poundering all at once rn. I’ve been emo too long that i’ve become like this. Thank you

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