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We connect thousands of users globally on discord and instagram. Stay tuned for our upcoming events, gws, and more......

Tokyo Onsen | Anime • Manga • Manhwa • Emotes

Created: March 14, 2021

Members: 70292

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***• Tokyo Onsen – Tokyo Onsen is a Manhwa and Anime based community***

❔ ^‿^ __*What do we have to offer?

*We connect thousands of users globally in discord and Instagram. This is also the home server for anime.officiall community which is globally connected with around 500k people !!*
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‎ $120+ worth of monthly nitro giveaways, which include bidding auctions (server currency used), leaderboards where the top 5 members can win $10 Nitro each (the cycle resets daily), weekly giveaways, events, and so much more!
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500/500 Anime emotes along with 60/60 stickers Anime stickers, looking for emote and sticker managers
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Active chats (10k-15k+ messages a day) with Manhwa recommendations along with the Best Manhwa-related videos to provide you recommendations regarding your favorable Manga and Manhwa genre
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Custom Game Bots (1v1 Tic Tac Toe, Type race, Guess the number, Memory game, win and earn Server Currency, Roles, Giveaways and so much more!!^^
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This is also the support server for our bot Sizu, which currently has 2.2m+ members in it at this current date(25/12/12)!
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*To create an engaging environment for Anime & Manhwa enthusiasts !!*

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