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Official Discord for UMass Amherst's Asian American Student Association! Everyone is welcome, even if you are not Asian!

UMass Amherst AASA

Created: April 12, 2021

Members: 1487

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Hello everyone, we are the UMass Asian American Student Association (AASA)! We are one of the largest student organizations on campus! Our goal is to provide a space for the Asian, Asian American, and Pacific Islander community on campus. However, anyone can join our club.

We hold a variety of events each semester, such as study sessions, new member hangouts, fun games, and serious events discussing current issues in our community.

In the winter, we hold Winterball, which is a formal dance with student performances and food! Also, In the spring, we hold Asian Night, the biggest student-run Asian event at UMass! We have brought in guest performers such as Eugene Lee Yang from the Try Guys, Junoflo, NIKI, RINI, and more!

Be sure to follow our Facebook and Instagram page to stay updated, or join our Discord to interact with our community!

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