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Created: June 11, 2020

Members: 4617

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Step into our virtual sanctuary, a friendly and humble community where you can unwind, interact, and forge new friendships. Valhalla is a place where like-minded individuals come together to share their passions, organize activities, and encourage one another’s growth.

In our vibrant server, you’ll find a diverse range of activities and events to engage in. Whether you’re a fan of intense battles in Valorant, strategic clashes in League of Legends or Dota, thrilling matches of chess, or exploring other exciting games, there’s a place for you here. Our community is filled with passionate gamers ready to team up, compete, and have a great time together.

But Valhalla offers more than just gaming. We are also proud to introduce our business for inspired perfumes. Our fragrances are carefully crafted to ignite the senses, telling stories of emotions and memories. As you dive into the world of Valhalla, we invite you to explore our collection of scents that will transport you to enchanting realms.

To stay connected and be a part of our journey, we encourage you to follow our business on various social media platforms. Discover the latest updates, exclusive offers, and behind-the-scenes glimpses of our perfumes on,


Engage with us and join our community in celebrating the art of perfumery. We take pride in our warm and welcoming atmosphere, and many of our members hail from the Philippines. Regardless of where you come from, we embrace diversity and encourage everyone to express themselves authentically. Feel free to share your thoughts, ideas, and interests with us, and together we can create a vibrant tapestry of conversation and camaraderie.

So, whether you’re here to relax, compete, or explore the world of perfumes, Valhalla is ready to embrace you with open arms. Unwind, interact, and meet new people who share your passions. Welcome to Valhalla, where friendships are forged and memorable experiences await.

May your time here be filled with laughter, camaraderie, and the sweet aroma of inspiration.

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