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Virtual Tech School

Created: March 16, 2022

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This community was founded for a simple reason – to provide high-quality real-world education to individuals who cannot pay for premium courses, who cannot afford a formal education or who want to make a switch to tech. We want to provide you with a course that would equip you with enough to become financially independent.
With so much going around in the field of tech, it is common for students to find themselves confused about how to proceed. It is because of this reason, students need to be a part of a community where they don’t feel lost, where they can meet other students, collaborate with them, and learn together.

The courses we want to build in our community are not just any courses. They are a journey – a journey you would take to build real-world skills and gain real-world experience. They are the Road Less Traveled ️ – A journey aimed to get you results, not promises.
We want our students to be a jack of all trades, and a master of one.

Who are we for?
Virtual Tech School is an inclusive community for everyone. By everyone, we mean EVERYONE –

– Doesn’t matter if you’re still studying in school or college.
– Doesn’t matter if you’re a college dropout or an underprivileged who cannot afford a degree.
– Doesn’t matter which field you’re from – science, college, or arts.
– Doesn’t matter if you’re looking to switch your career in tech and start anew after spending years making a career in another field.

We are for YOU and we believe in YOU!

As any great community, we want to provide our students with events where they can learn about new technologies, new trends, about new techniques, and we want to spark their interest in new fields that they may not be familiar with.

We also want our students to become financially independent, and get better packages than average. For us, every student is the same, and to ensure better learning for everyone, we want to include assignments, projects, and hackathons for our students to attempt. This will help them leave their comfort zones, collaborate with other students and hone their skills together.

We also aim to provide guidance videos for creating better opportunities for yourselves. As students, we want YOU to be the owners of your destinies, not renters.

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