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White Company

Created: June 21, 2020

Members: 3037

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A server dedicated to selling maps and sharing tips for newbie mappers is a community-based platform designed to connect map creators with potential buyers and provide support and guidance for those new to map creation. The server typically features a range of channels focused on various aspects of map creation, such as mapping software, design tips, and feedback from other mappers. Members of the server can ask questions, share their work, and collaborate with others to improve their mapping skills.

One of the primary goals of the server is to provide a marketplace for map creators to sell their maps to interested buyers. This can include a range of maps, such as game maps, 3D models, and topographical maps. In addition to selling maps, the server may also offer resources and support for those new to mapping. This can include tutorials, guides, and tips on how to get started with map creation, as well as advice on how to improve your skills and create high-quality maps.

By offering a platform for map creators and buyers to connect, as well as resources and support for those new to mapping, this type of server serves as a valuable resource for anyone interested in map creation. It provides a supportive community where people can learn and grow their skills, share their work with others, and even earn money by selling their maps.

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