World of Women

A community centric brand celebrating art, representation, inclusivity & equal opportunities for all

World of Women

Created: July 15, 2021

Members: 65588

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Brought together by the inspiring artwork of the WoW collection, our community is on a mission to create an inclusive and welcoming future for everyone. You’ll find people from around the world in the WoW community – from avid NFT collectors to first time collectors, web3 builders and artists, to people who are new to the decentralized web and want to be part of a mission-driven community.

Community is the foundation of World of Women.

WoW started with four friends coming together to bring a vision to life: create a collection and community that celebrates and increases representation, inclusivity and equal opportunities for all. Now thousands of people have united around this shared sense of purpose.

We believe in the power of collective intelligence – great things can be accomplished by many people working towards the same cause. We can harness our collective energy and creativity to build a diverse and inclusive web that lifts everyone up.

When you jump into our Discord, you’ll find many people ready to welcome you and help you in any way.

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