YouSUI Global

YouSUI is an All-In-One platform that runs on the Sui Blockchain and includes DEX, Launchpad, NFT Marketplace, Social-fi

YouSUI Global

Created: February 09, 2023

Members: 43042

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YouSUI plans to induce users to use all functions within one platform by adding Launchpad, DEX, Bridge, and NFT Marketplace so that SUI Network can be widely used in Korea, Japan, and Vietnam and become familiar with users. In addition, it will be a platform that educates users to deep-dive into SUI so that YouSUI and SUI Network can become the strongest platform and blockchain in the Japanese, Korean and Vietnamese markets at the same time.Through the localization strategy, we will support developmental support and incubation programs so that more developers and project builders can use YouSUI and SUI Network. We will support the Incubation Program and Migration Program so that other Layer 1 projects can migrate to the SUI Network and succeed.

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