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Created: October 03, 2018

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ZTRADEZ is an options trading community that provides its members with access to expert options trading analysts, real-time trade ideas, and a community of successful traders.

Live Voice Trading

One of the key features of ZTRADEZ is its live voice trading. ZTRADEZ trades live 5 days a week, and the voice chat is fully open to members for anyone to speak or ask questions pre-market, during market hours, and post-market. This means that members can always get help from experienced traders, even if they are new to the market.

Pattern Recognition

ZTRADEZ uses advanced algorithms to detect patterns in the market in real time. When a pattern is recognized, ZTRADEZ members receive a live audio callout. This can help members to identify trading opportunities and make more informed decisions.

Entry & Exits

ZTRADEZ also provides its members with real-time signals for entry and exit points. This can help members to maximize their profits and manage their risk.

Live News and Forecasting

ZTRADEZ members also have access to the latest news and events that could impact the market, as well as exclusive forecasting tools. This can help members to make informed trading decisions.

Custom Indicators

ZTRADEZ provides its members with over 20 custom indicators to help them forecast futures, forex, equities, and the market overall. These indicators are custom-built for TOS and are available for Diamond, Gold, and Life memberships.

Over 15 Analysts

ZTRADEZ has a team of over 15 hand-picked analysts who provide trade ideas covering options, equity day and swing trades, as well as forex and crypto markets. These analysts are highly skilled and precise traders who provide ZTRADEZ members with top-notch insights and recommendations.

Trade Styles

ZTRADEZ offers a variety of trade styles, including:

Options day trades
Options swing trades
Penny stock trades
Equity swings
Debit spreads
Credit spreads
The Wheel Strategy
Futures & Forex
High probability strategies
Live Trading Sessions

ZTRADEZ hosts live trading sessions every single market day from 9AM to 4PM EST. During these sessions, ZTRADEZ traders provide real-time callouts on technical analysis, breaking news, and their stock/options plays. This is a great way for members to stay in the loop.

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