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Created: November 09, 2022

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Providing FREE Dense Traffic Servers for Assetto Corsa.
Also you can get access to some of my unreleased 2REAL mods here on this discord.
See #help-center if you have any questions regarding 2real mods.
Also use the #team-up channel and voice channels to connect with new drivers to cruise & drift together.

Feel free to let me know if you have special wishes for Traffic or Servers 🙂

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One thought on “2REAL”

  1. So theres admin whos name is “♥Princess_FireHeart♥” and I was asking for a help and she just write me “wtf did u even message me for” i was just asking help for a traffic mod, then she just write “im blocking u” and she block me. Went to the server to ask for a help bc that admin didin’t help me, and then ban me from a dc server, then she unblock me and write again “ok u really wanna keep making fun of me” “u are banned from 2real for trolling and thats what u did” and she blocked me again. Where do you see Im trolling? What is this admin if she cant help me??? If another admin sees this I can sent proof of DMs with this “admin”

    So please speak to her and unban me

    So for now 1 star rating of 5

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