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The /r/AppleArcade Community Discord is for fans and developers of games from Apple’s mobile gaming service.

Apple Arcade

Created: October 07, 2019

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This is an unofficial community for fans of Apple’s mobile gaming service – Apple Arcade.

Apple Arcade provides access to hundreds of premium games (with no ads or in-app purchases) for iPhone, iPad, AppleTV, or Mac. This service is available alone, or as part of the Apple One bundle.

With so many to pick from, it’s hard to decide what to play next. Talk about what games you enjoy, and others can recommend Arcade titles to try next.

Over 140 of the titles also have developer representatives within this community who can answer questions about the Apple Arcade games they helped to build!

Gamers of all ages and backgrounds can find something enjoyable on this service. From casual to online competitive/co-op games to extended adventures, there’s a game for everyone, and we can help you find it.

Come join the community and support premium mobile games!

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