The worlds first risk-based shooter. Earn USD for every player you eliminate!


Created: October 18, 2021

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Kill-to-Earn, as you play BR1: INFINITE, for every player you kill you earn rewards paid in $USDC. Kill-to-Earn rewards are distributed based on each in-game eliminated, as such that the eliminating player will earn the greater of 10% or the Spawn Fee for every player eliminated.

Pay-to-Spawn, to join a BR1: INFINITE server, you must confirm your ‘Risk Mode’. ‘Risk Modes’ are the equivalent of game modes. There are $0.00 Entry Servers (Free), $0.25 Servers, $1.00 Servers and $5.00 Servers.

Exit Through Elimination. When you are eliminated, you retain 85% of your denominated earnings, are kicked out of the game and prompted to either ‘Spawn Again’ or ‘Return to Lobby’.

Using the above example, if you are eliminated with $20.00 $USDC on you, you retain $17.00 $USDC and are kicked out of the game.

The BR1: INFINITE map is a non-generative, meticulously crafted island designed to funnel users towards the center.
As users work their way towards the center, they go through different obstacles/barriers that limit their ability to travel back towards the edge, thus forcing a higher concentration of users at the center. As you travel inwards, you find stronger weapons and access to more ammo and equipment.

The map is 6 KMs in diameter with spawn points distributed across the edge of the map to support in excess of 200+ users.

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