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Created: December 02, 2019

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Comics Explained is one the premier Comic YouTube Channels on the platform. Rob aka Comics Explained has read comics for well over 25 years and has fostered a community of tremendous people. The channel is place for everyone either looking to get back into comics or brush up on their knowledge to become an expert on the vast array of the many comic titles out there. Rob also runs Geek Culture Explained which focus more on Television, Film, Video Games, and all other facets of geek culture. The server is an extension of these brands and a great place for fans to congregate, hang out with Rob and get to know each other better.

Rob is guaranteed to be here every Friday at 6pm Eastern Time for the Weekly Q&A. Beyond that, Rob can be found in the server at different times. If you are active, then you will likely see and hang out with him. Do not tell anyone, but Rob is usually always in the #general chat.

Our staff team is made up of individuals from all over the world and are some of hardest working people you will ever meet. The Staff are the ambassadors of the community and keep to the server safe and fun for everyone. Staff members run events, keep chats moving, and are friendly to talk to, so do not be afraid to say hello.

In the #choose-your-role channel, you will see a series of roles pertaining to different events. Verify with each role you are interested in so you can be notified when the events take place.

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