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Created: February 16, 2017

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Welcome to the Marvel Discord! We are just a very dedicated community made by fans, for fans, where weu2019re always engaging in discussion regarding Marvel comics, the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU), games (both from Marvel and general games) and so many more! nnnWe have dedicated channels for these types of discussions – so if youu2019re a comic nerd wanting to geek out with other nerds, do check out the comics channel. If youu2019re a hardcore MCU fan, you can theorize about the MCU in our movies/TV channel. Are you more of a gamer? We even have a channel for that, as you can hype up your favorite games with lots of gamers alike. Or are you a film buff? Well, you can discuss your favorite movies or TV shows that arenu2019t necessarily Marvel-related!nnWeu2019re always in the loop with the latest Marvel news, including comics, the MCU and others. We will constantly provide the latest and most accurate Marvel updates to all of you! nnThatu2019s not all, my dear True Believer. We also host very exciting activities and events! Among the most common ones are Polls, Book Club, Movie & Game Nights, and Contests. nn- Polls let you share your opinions, thoughts, and predictions about the past/present/future of Marvel! Almost-daily polls query the community about comics, the MCU, designs, as well as topical polls relating to recent and upcoming Marvel projects.nn- As for Book Club, it is hosted every week where users suggest up to 3-4 books like Marvel, DC, Dark Horse, etc. and the Book Club Managers will put up these suggestions in a poll, letting users vote for their favorite read. Once a booku2019s been voted, we will all read and discuss about the chosen comic. Pretty fun for comic lovers if you ask me. nn- On Game Nights, we play games like Gartic Phone or, and on Movie Nights, we get together to watch some older Marvel movies to remember the good olu2019 days. nWe occasionally host art, creative writing (and more!) contests, where we get to see the amazing artistic and creative abilities of our members. Weu2019ve hosted art events like Drawtober, Maysthetic and many more!

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