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DEVs Dungeon

Created: July 17, 2021

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We are an open developer learning community connecting thousands of developers across the world uD83CuDF0DnnWe help students/professionals grow and explore various technologies through various industry Projects & Internships with our partnered startups, etc. nnMentorship from industry experts and professionals, Sharing various opportunities and openings daily, Free resources to upskill yourself in your field of interest, and much more! uD83DuDE80nnLink to join our WhatsApp Community: Our previous Community Collabs & Events:nuD83DuDCCD IBM Z Xplore (IBM Z)nuD83DuDCCD DATATHON (Hack2skill, NPCI)nuD83DuDCCD HACKTHISFALL 3.0 (HTF, MLH)nuD83DuDCCD UiPath RPADC (Hack2skill, UiPath)nuD83DuDCCD BLOCKMEET (Polygon, Foundership)nuD83DuDCCD WINTER OF CODE 3.0 (GDSC IIIT Kalyani)nuD83DuDCCD DEVFEST 2022 (GDG Kolkata, GDG Patna)nuD83DuDCCD DIVERSION 2K23 (MLH, ACM-IEM, GDSC-IEM)nuD83DuDCCD PROOF OF COMMUNITY (Shardeum, GemsDAO)nuD83DuDCCD POLKADOT BLOCKCHAIN CAMP (Hack2skill, Polkadot)nuD83DuDCCD CLOUD COMMUNITY DAY 2022 (GDG Cloud New Delhi, GDG Cloud Kolkata)

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