Divide by Zero™ Alliance

DBZ Family is a Clash Of Clans Community as well as an Alliance that provides the best possible COC experience

Divide by Zero™ Alliance

Created: June 04, 2021

Members: 7388

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**This server is focused on the Clash of Clans game, we’re not just a community to talk in but we also offer a place in one of our family clans.**

*Why should you join this server?*

– Active social chats where you can have loads of fun!
– Family events in Clash of Clans
– Clash of Clans experts ready to answer all of your questions!
– The best Clash of Clans experience in one of our clans, All of our clans play the Clan War Leagues, Raid Weekends and Clan Games. We end all of these with great results so you will get the maximum amount of bonus to grow your village!

-> Its important to keep growing, having a community around you with the same mindset is a vital asset to achieving that goal. We’re here to support you and help you in every aspect known to mankind!

-> Are you interested in getting rid of your rush? We got FWA clans where you will be having non stop wars only for loot so no special lalo attack is needed for this since the bases are not designed to be a hard opponent.

-> Interested in a very competitive clan? We got clans having focused on extremely high war streaks, it’s not for everyone but if you’re a master in your attacks make sure to show them here!

-> Even more competitive is our own eSports team, playing all kinds of tournaments with great results. Feel free to take a look there too as we’re continuously looking for skilled attackers.

-> If these are nothing for you we still got our casual clans, just made for getting your war attacks in without too much pressure of failing, we understand that you are still learning the game so there’s no issue in failing your attacks here!

**Are you interested already? come visit our community and have some fun here, we got special perks for our server boosters and patreon subscribers. Ranging from extra entries till free HQ bases for townhall 9 and above. Get your value now because we’re partnered with the best base building communities to offer you your perfect base design.**

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