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Created: March 30, 2022

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Players Clan Family, Clash Of Clans Community Support.

1). We give Free Access to our War Base Collection for TH10 to TH15.
★ We have Well Organized Channels where we share Base Screen shot with Base Links.
★ We have a good collection of War Bases.

● TH15⟹ 2200 Bases.
● TH14⟹ 750 Bases.
● TH13⟹ 350 Bases.
● TH12⟹ 500 Bases.
● TH11⟹ 350 Bases.
● TH10⟹ 300 Bases.

2). We help Grow & Promote your Clans.
★ If you need help with your Clan growth join us and we help you & together help each other build a bigger & better clan community.

3). Clash Of Clan Trainings.
★ We help train you on different thing be not just attacks.

● Clear Doubts – Discussion (Questions Answers Session).
● Base Planning.
● Attack Strategies Discussion.
● Particular Attack Training.
● Upgrade Guide.
● Farming Guide.
● Smart Use of Gems & Magic Items.
● Training as per Your Suggestions or Topic.
● How to choose a War Base.
● Troops deployment Guide.
● CC Troops Selection for Defence , Offence .

4). Attack Planning we help plan your war attacks for the Base Screenshot you share with us.
★ Dedicated channel where you can post any Base Screenshot & we will help you plan attack for it.
★ We also share similar base replay when ever available with us to its easy for you to attack.

5). You can Advertise your Clan / Alliance in our Server for Members.
★ Dedicated Clan Advertising & Recruitment channel where Players, Clans, Alliance etc can discuss with each other about recruitment.

6). Players can Advertise their Base & Profile for being Recruited.
★ Dedicated Player Base Advertising & Recruitment channel where Players, Clans, Alliance etc can discuss with each other about recruitment.

7). Content Creators can Advertise their YouTube Videos Related to Clash Of Clans.
★ Dedicated Channel for posting your YouTube Videos.

8). CWL, Clan Games & Capital Raid Help.
★ Dedicated Channel where you can post If you need help with CWL, Clan Games & Capital Raid.

9). Tell us about your self Chat with us & our Clash Of Clan members.

10). Share your Big loots, Clash Of Clans Art work, new update Ides etc.
★ Dedicated channels on different topic where you can share relevant content.

Join our Clash Of Clans Player Family & lets collaborate & help each other so that we all grow together.

Thanks & Clash On.

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