DonutSMP Hangout

It's a Donut SMP Hangout Server. We host giveaways, events and more! We also give out bases and money.

DonutSMP Hangout

Created: June 10, 2022

Members: 5782

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This server is all about Donut SMP, we are not fully done with the server but were gonna be hosting giveaways events and even giving/selling bases out! We plan to make this server a fun hangout for Donut SMP and hope to see people come join us as we aspire to be one of the biggest hangouts for Donut SMP.

I do allow cursing, but I would say dont join if your super edgy or soft, but dont worry people will not disrespect you or be rude to you as I will punish the people involved.

So come join us in our Donut SMP adventure and maybe find a couple teammates !!!

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