E-Girl Resort | Egirls・Social・Giveaways・Anime

This server is a safe place for members to talk to new people and make new friends!

E-Girl Resort | Egirls・Social・Giveaways・Anime

Created: June 11, 2023

Members: 1384

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We are a community that was created in June 2023. We’re still growing, albeit slowly. We will admit that at times during the day the chat can be a little inactive but we are doing our best to fix it.

By joining our community, you’ll be a valued member from the moment you join. As we grow, we promise our members a giveaway every time we reach a milestone which is currently every 1K members.

Active Staff
Custom Bots
A Lot of Emotes/Stickers
Self Roles

So what are you waiting for? Come and join the community today!

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