White Dragons

this server is about everything, communicating, making friends, giveaway and much more.it has an active chat, nice staff

White Dragons

Created: May 28, 2021

Members: 1172

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Hello, welcome to the white dragons server if u are interested in the server read the things we offer
the following things are:
– In our server we want all the members to respect the rules and if somebody breaks them they will be warned by our staff because the staff team is in charge of all members.
– When you join our server you begin with a member role.
– There are channels made for texting, fun, the staff team, music, commands, getting free roles, etc.
– You can get a higher level and a role by texting more in the server and that role allows u to do different things.
– Sometimes there are giveaways and you can get roles, accounts like riot accounts, steam accounts, epic games accounts, etc.
– You are probably wondering how you can be a part of the staff team, what you need to do is apply in the staff team channel
https://discord.com/channels/847929426582306856/1041509125621817384 also if u want to report someone for advertising in dms or a staff member who isnt doing their job right.
– If u are not very active in the server or you cant invite people in the server then you dont have to apply for the staff team but if you do apply for the staff team you need to keep an eye on the members.
– If you are a member and you wanna have a role besides the member role you can get roles through giveaways, invite people to the server or ping someone from the staff team to give you a role.
– This server is for everything but advertising and nsfw are not allowed and its a community.
– If you have questions about the server you can ask someone that has a higher role to explain you some things or you can ask someone in a voice channel or chat.
– In our server there are active staff members and drama is not allowed.
– link: https://discord.gg/52xGBR44BP
– If you want to join this server you are welcomed.

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