Ebisu’s Bay

First and biggest Cronos NFT Marketplace. Create, buy, sell, trade and enjoy the #crofam NFT community.

Ebisu's Bay

Created: October 24, 2021

Members: 5360

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This server is about bringing together the best NFT community on Cronos blockchain! #crofamnnIn here you will find the support you need for any web3 activity regardless if you are a veteran user or a completely new one to the blockchain technology. nnOur well trained staff members can provide you with any assistance required – troubleshooting / gathering feedback / how to / marketing / collaborations – regarding the usage of our marketplace and beyond.nnPlease remember: We will NEVER DM YOU FIRST! nAll interactions with our staff can be done privately and securely by opening a ticket in our server !nnWe hope you’ll enjoy having a great time in our community and please provide any feedback by using the appropriate channels from our server!

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