Ethernum : Dragon Nest

Not a server that will make your account super strong in just a few days, don't expect it.

Ethernum : Dragon Nest

Created: March 05, 2023

Members: 1001

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**Ethernum – Dragon Nest Server**

– **Server Type**: Not a server that will make your account super strong in just a few days, don’t expect it. Prioritizing the ease of obtaining materials and providing cheap item prices, the game system follows Dragon Nest Original to maintain the adventurous experience of the game.

– **Compatibility**: DX9/DX11

– **Features**:
– Farm Cryptocurrency on Dungeon
– 10 Inventory Tabs
– Selection System
– No End Game Modification Stats / Keeps system original, but faster on farming
– Original Feels, 99.00% No Bugs
– Server location in Singapore
– 99% Server Up Time, Server Maintenance / Update with notice before the server is turned off
– VVIP / Donor Benefit (Monthly Basis)
– Original Cash Shop Prices
– ETHP (DNP) Drop at dungeon
– Cash Shower Every Hour + When Melons Bored
– All Dungeon drop gold
– Cash Rate: 1 IDR : 1 Cash / 1$ : 14719 Cash
– Instant Lv.99 with free potion for new char
– All Normal Nest / Raid Nest Working
– Second and Third Classes Job auto complete on Warp Guide :white_check_mark:
– Hero Skill
– Nest With GM Event reward Cash, Sunset Training Ground Event reward Cash, Share Event Reward Cash
– Special Shop at NPC Kelly
– Ethernum Gacha Box without Trash item, all are useful
– Ancient EQ + Weapon, End Dream EQ, Skill Jade, Lunar Eclipse, Accessories, Conversion Set, and many more after completing Ethernum Newbie, Novice, Veteran Quest
– Default FTG 25K, Max 50K with Premium Service (3K Cash/ETHP), Max 75K with VIP System, 100K with Hotspring

– **Website:**
– **Discord Server:**

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