The official Discord server for Eystreem's community and Minecraft server!


Created: June 18, 2017

Members: 43212

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The Eystreem Team! is the official Eystreem Discord server. You can hang out with friends and meet other Eystreem fans!
Discuss theories about minecraft series by Eystreem or just chat about his videos in general.

Bored? You can play games with the bots!
Maybe talk to friends in voice chat or groove to music with them!

Get secret announcements from Eystreem himself and have a chance to be in his videos!
Get updates on the Eystreem Minecraft server!

Bought the EyFan or EyMegaFan membership on Eystreem’s channel? Get access to exclusive channels to hang out with other EyFans!!✨

We also host game competitions, giveaways, movie nights and a plethora of events from time to time! ️

Share your fan art, memes and builds in the dedicated channels!

So what are you waiting for? Join the community and invite your friends!

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