Fanatic Network | ARK

Fanatic Survival is a x20 PVP ARK Cluster with quests, free kits, new caves and many more features!

Fanatic Network | ARK & ASA

Created: June 22, 2021

Members: 11217

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Fanatic Survival is a 20x PVP ark modded cluster!nnNow with caves and quests update!nnIf you are interested in taking part in this experience, don’t forget to join our discord community for a better clarification of the server and to recruit new tribe members.nnExtras:nORPnNPPnAnti Mesh System (mesh raid, etc)nEventsnQuests SystemnCaves Rework Updaten5k stacks(most items) and 80% weight reductionnLevel up flyers speed statnFree KitsnActive staffnand more

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