Genshin Impact Tavern

Second-largest Genshin Impact community! Join us for fun, chaos and events to earn Mora to redeem for merch and more!

Genshin Impact Tavern

Created: July 17, 2021

Members: 281290

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Second-largest Genshin Impact community!
Join us for a fun and chaotic place with discussions and activities about Genshin Impact, or so you thought!
You can also earn Mora – our server currency – through activities, like chatting (really!), or participating in events! Mora can be used to redeem for official merchandise, feature your works, add an emoji to the server, change a channel’s name, and more!
Feeling adventurous? Come on in and level up through chatting and doing commission quests, or go mine some ores to craft and upgrade a weapon just to flex it on others because it’s your cool effort~!

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