Hedwig’s Haven

We’re interactive & immersive! For Harry Potter fans incl hogwarts legacy & Magic Awakened. Live games & original bots!✨

Hedwig's Haven

Created: March 30, 2020

Members: 2008

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Hedwig’s Haven is designed for all Potterheads to experience magic in a safe and fun way. We have put a lot of effort into creating a community of fun games, special events and immersive activities that make magic come alive. With our mascot, Hedwig the owl, you’ll be swooped into all the magic!

The immersive magical reality of Hogwarts awaits you!

We have live trivia games, bingo with real prizes, a virtual Professor Sprout and a gardening bot, a Honeydukes where you get get tasty treats or trade Chocolate Frog Cards in our custom trading bot.. and so much more!

Special chats dedicated to Hogwarts Legacy, too!

If you like Harry Potter – you’ll love Hedwig’s Haven!
Hedwig’s Haven is truly a haven for all – we are 100% LGBTQIA+ inclusive.
We are a fan group and are not affiliated with J.K. Rowling or Warner Brothers in any way.

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