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Join our World of Warcraft Legion, and Dragonflight servers! ¡Unete a nuestros servidores de Legion y DF!

Hellgarve WoW

Created: September 12, 2020

Members: 3504

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Join our World of Warcraft Legion and Dragonflight servers!nWith Solocraft & Flexcraft, you will be able to complete dungeons, instances and raids that, being alone, you could not.nnWe invite you to discover the Hellgarve experience, where you can follow the lore of your favorite characters and complete the missions and objectives as planned and designed by Blizzard.nJoin other players to defeat Pandora, a boss created by us to get great rewards!nnAs if that were not enough, we have the game store, where you can use Battle Coins as currency to buy items and services. Battle Coins can be obtained by killing bosses in dungeons and raids from each server’s expansion.nIn addition, we also have an online store so you can exchange items and services with vote points and donate points.nnBe part of the heroes of Hellgarve!n

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