Hyperplex Gaming

PC gaming community that is devoted to fun & sportsmanship while rewarding loyalty.

Hyperplex Gaming

Created: March 20, 2019

Members: 1254

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Hyperplex is a North American-based gaming community founded back in 2013 for the sole reason to provide a mature and toxic-free gaming environment. Hyperplex is a more laid-back community where we don’t take ourselves too seriously. Having fun with friends is the main goal.

We have gone through many changes over the years but our core values of maturity, loyalty, and positivity still hold true. Hyperplex doesn’t specialize in any one game or genre and the games we support are based your interests.

Current top community games:
u2022 Call of Duty MW2/Warzone 2
u2022 World of Warcraft
u2022 Destiny 2

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