LGBTQIA-inclusive server for YouTuber/critic Jay Exci, known for her videos on Doctor Who, Star Wars, and other media.


Created: February 17, 2019

Members: 1482

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Jaycord is the official fan community for trans Youtuber Jay Exci. We are a very down-to-earth bunch of late gen Z, primarily queer nerds of all genders and sexualities with a passion for discussing media and fandoms, such as Marvel/DC, Star Wars, Doctor Who, video games and the latest Youtube/Twitch happenings. The server also has a number of activities, such as a Minecraft server and Question of the Day channel, as well as (obviously) a space to discuss Jay’s content and stay up to date with her posting!nuFEFFnJaycord tries to put emphasis on making the server a safe and friendly environment for everyone. The staff tries to keep a kind and understanding perspective focusing primarily on self-improvement, and changes to server policy are driven primarily by input from members of the community. This casual dynamic between users and staff allows us to create a safe space to have reasonable discussion about sensitive and/or difficult topics, while making sure conflicts can be resolved before they escalate.nuFEFFnWhether you are looking for a gay star wars discord to socialize with other queers, or are just looking for a place to discuss Jay’s content we hope you check out our humble server!

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