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Magic's Students

Created: May 22, 2021

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I’ve been a full-time coach since 2014, I’ve coached League of Legends in both Europe and America. I’ve worked with most of the major orgs in some format.n have over 8 years of experience and I always guarantee my students results.nnnMe and the other Coaches:nI always start by getting to know the player, ask them what they’re struggling with and what they feel they do well. nnWe jump into The Range with Screenshare and I help the students make sure they have the optimal settings, sensitivity etc- 90% of Students already improve from this.nnUsually after a 10minute warmup/getting to know each other, we hop into a game and I walk them through it while recording so they can re-watch it afterwards.nnAfter the game is over, I give the student notes, send them a private link to the VOD and I let them know they can message me at anytime for free.

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