Momentum Mod

The official discord for Momentum Mod, a standalone game centralizing all of your favorite Source movement game modes.

Momentum Mod

Created: October 10, 2016

Members: 11200

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This is the official server for the video game Momentum Mod.

Upon joining, you have direct access to the team to ask any burning questions about the game. We host monthly Q&A streams where we poll questions from our Discord community and answer them live on our Twitch stream!

We use this Discord heavily to ensure a great level of transparency as we develop the game and make decisions. You can also report any issues you may have found with the game and have it be fast tracked into our internal task log!

Since Momentum Mod is aiming to centralize movement modes from all over, you can also enjoy hanging out and discussing the game and its supported modes with the community! Tons of friendly faces are here to help you with your mapping problems, give feedback on your runs, and much more!

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