Musty’s Cowmunity

hey gamers! Come join Musty's official cowmunity! One of rocket league's biggest community servers!

Musty's Cowmunity

Created: September 14, 2018

Members: 70860

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Musty’s cowmunity is for fans of both musty and rocket league alike! we are a active and friendly server with lots to do! for example:

– Community Games multiple times a week.
– Active public and private voice channels.
– Active and welcoming people.
– Text channels for memes, looking for people to play with, coaching and more.
– Chat XP system that rewards you with private VC’s and chats, as well as more permissions.
– Video and Server idea channels (Musty could make a video from YOUR idea!)

We have plenty more to offer, so come and join one of the biggest rocket league communities on discord! we hope to see you soon!

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