Newb Community

Official server for Newb Shader MCBE and a place to hang out with other Bedrock players!

Newb Community

Created: May 19, 2021

Members: 43967

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This server is a community for users of the Newb Shader, a vanilla themed aesthetic shader for Minecraft Bedrock Edition. We are also a general Minecraft Bedrock gaming community, so feel free to chat about anything related to Minecraft.

Here are some of the things you can do on our server:
– Get help with Newb Shader: If you are having trouble with Newb Shader, you can ask for help in our #support channel.
– Chat about Minecraft: We have channels for discussing all aspects of Minecraft, including building, redstone, and mods.
– Just hang out: We are a friendly community, so feel free to come and chat with us even if you don’t play Minecraft.

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