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Welcome to the Official Nitrado Community Discord - The NitraDuck awaits you! (っ◔◡◔)っ

Nitrado Community

Created: October 18, 2017

Members: 42682

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Nitrado makes multiplayer gaming better. Customer experience is our top priority and we use better technology in several locations in combination with outstanding customer service to ensure players get what they want.
Join our Nitrado Community Discord now and exchange ideas with customers, Nitrado employees, and other gamers!
Get help from the community on your own game server or share your experience with others!

Participate in giveaways where you can win runtime or a new game server of your own! Also, get the chance to win merch packages that may even include a Nitrado mug. All merch prizes are non-buyable and only available through partners, events, or our Discord giveaways!
Of course, you can also win your own NitraDuck here!

With the Nitrado Beta Program, you have access to new features and apps fresh from the Nitrado developers. Share your feedback and work with us to define the future of game server hosting!

In our status channel, you will always get the latest status messages about maintenance work or status messages from Nitrado. Follow this channel to get the messages sent directly to your Discord server.

What are you waiting for? Join the Nitrado community now!

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